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Review of Dean Koontz's Elsewhere

Dean Koontz has been a favorite writer of mine for many years. He is the absolute master at characterizing good and evil. His narrative...

Review of The Lights Between Tunnels

It has been several years since The Lights Between Tunnels was published. It is a book that is patterned after a high school here in...

Review of Yellow Wife

Yellow Wife is a well-researched book of historical fiction. It is based on real characters and real events that the author weaves into a...

Review of Under a Southern Sky

This is one of the better romance novels that I have read. The characters are rich, different, individual, and likable. The settings are...

Review of Neighbors by Danielle Steele

Danielle Steele weaves her usual beautiful prose in this delightful story. #Neighbors is one of Ms. Steele's latest books and I found it...

Soon to be published!

Look for my Dad's story about volunteering soon to be published by Chapter 16 the Tennessee Literary Magazine. #TheGreatestGeneration

Review of You Betrayed Me

James Cahill, a bachelor extraordinaire had no idea that the many women in his life were in danger. This book is chocked full of mystery,...

Review of The Fighting Bunch

The war did not stop in 1945 for those in Athens, Tennessee. Several came back from service determined to put a stop to the politicians...

Lets Take the Learning Outside

Published by the Learning Counsel, EdNews Daily and ACE-Ed

Review of All That Glitters

This book is pure Danielle Steele. The heroine is a young woman struck by tragedy. Coco is a college student with a golden world. All...

Review of The Children's Blizzard

This book starts out slowly. The reader is introduced to several teachers, a newspaper reporter, a bar owner, and several settlers...

Great bio of JFK!

I have read many biographical accounts of the life of John F. Kennedy but this is by far the best that I have read. It is thorough, tells...


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